Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A New Start

Dear World,

I think you got confused. The scene was straight out of a movie - girl in one fell swoop finds herself nursing a disappointed heart and bandaged fingers and blistered feet. When I should have grey skies and torrential downpour, instead you gave me blue skies and sunshine so that I almost forgot there was such a thing as deferred hopes. And then you gave me a friendly face who told me about her life's work so that I rather forgot to feel sorry for myself but found new inspiration. When I would have had a melodrama, you insisted on a feel-good flick. How is it I was determined to have a good cry that I ended up smiling instead?


And because I don't have pictures from my day, I will post pictures that I took in nature that I love.
Ivy growing along the side of the Disappointed House

The Beach at Monterey California

Wildflowers along the road in CA

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  1. I'm glad you made a blog! :)
    I like this as your first post.