Saturday, December 29, 2012

Baby Alive

You know those Baby Alive dolls?  The kind that you can give a bottle too and then they wet their diaper.  Baby got one for Christmas and I just chuckled.

I used to think they were unrealistic.  Babies don't wet their diapers the moment you feed them.

I have since changed my opinion.

This week, I have been able to help take care of my newest niece.  She is adorable.  But she gets fussy when she needs something.  She's a baby so she only needs a few things: to be fed, to be changed, to be burped, or to be put to sleep.

Last night, I babysat her by myself while her parents went on a date.  It went kind of like this.

Niece fussed.  I changed her diaper.  I fed her.  I burped her.  I tried to rock her to sleep.

Niece fussed.  "Well, I already fed you."  I changed her diaper.  Tried burping her again.  I tried to rock her to sleep.

Niece fussed.  "But I just changed your diaper, two minutes ago.  It can't be that!"  I changed her diaper - it was wet again.  I tried to rock her to sleep.

Niece fussed.  "It is NOT your diaper again, is it?  Oh, yes, it is."  I changed her diaper and rocked her to sleep.

The niece slept.

It's funny - I spent all this time trying to get her to sleep, so that I could go get myself some food or get some laundry done or generally do things I wanted to get done and when she was asleep, I just found myself watching her, amazed at how absolute perfect she is.

 Doesn't she look just like a doll?

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