Monday, August 4, 2014

Wrong Audience

At work today, we played a team building activity called Two Truths and a Lie.  I'm bad at lying in this game.

I tried purposely to think of "non-nerdy" things to talk about.  These were the statements.

(1) I come from a family of seven kids.
(2) I once sat in an Indy 500 pace car.
(3) I met Chiang Kai Shek's bodyguard.

Everyone's responses?


Apparently they thought the Indy 500 was NASCAR.  And they had absolutely no idea who Chiang Kai Shek was, even after I tried talking about the Civil War in China that resulted in Communism in China under Mao Ze Dong and Capitalism in Taiwan under Chiang Kai Shek.


Meanwhile, my coworker Mark talked about taking his team to the Virginia State Football Championship while in high school and everyone else realized that they had actually attended the game.

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