Thursday, May 8, 2014

Baby Talk

Pretty Boy is really good at saying one word - cat.  

To be perfectly honest, it's not exactly the word 'cat'.  It actually sounds more like 'thlka' if such a phoneme is even possible.  (I can't recreate it).  

In the morning, when I'm spooning Pretty Boy full of yogurt and he pauses for a second to say, 'thlka' I know the Cat has entered the room.  Pretty Boy adores the cat- he chases him around the room, crawls under the bed to find him and generally makes the cat's life miserable, all the while excitedly declaring that unpronounceable (to me) phoneme.  

But lately, I'm starting to wonder if Pretty Boy is actually saying 'cat' at all because this is how all conversations go: 

Pretty Boy observes object.  "Thlka!"

Me: Yes, that's a fan.  Fan!  
Pretty Boy: Thlka!
Me: Good job!  


Me: Yes, that's a person.  
Pretty Boy: Thlka!
Me: Yep!  


Me: Noodles, these are noodles. 
Pretty Boy: Thlka.
Me: You're right.  They do look like Cat's fur.  
(Except they don't.  Not at all.)  

As you can tell, this baby and I have a problem.  I agree with everything he says.  And he thinks the world can be summed up with the first unpronounceable phoneme he created.  

But I can't help it!  He looks like the Gerber baby.  I've been socially conditioned to find everything about him utterly adorable.  

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