Monday, June 16, 2014

Pharaoh's Daughter's Best Friend, Priscilla

Halfway through sacrament, we ran out of paper for drawing pictures.  Given enough paper, the two little girls that I now have charge of during church are happy little clams, drawing pictures, coloring pictures and begging me to draw stick people of all kinds.  (They call them "sticker people")  I'm never quite sure that they even listen to the goings on of the meeting but I did notice that right after the speaker alluded to Lucifer as a dragon that both of them immediately turned to me, "Draw me a dragon!!" 

But out of paper, I wasn't sure how to keep them quietly entertained.  So, I pulled out a packet of Old Testament pictures.  The artwork is just nice enough to catch their interest.  So, quietly, I let the older of the girls flip through the pictures.  She would find one she liked and point at a person and say, "Who is this?"  And I'd respond.  "That's Esther.  She's a queen."  "She has long hair," the little girl would reply.  "Yes, she does."  "That's David and Jonathan.  They were good friends."  "That's Joseph in Egypt.  Here he is in jail."  "That's Joseph.  Here he is with all of this brothers."  "There are a lot of people named Joseph,"  she seemed surprised.  "Well, actually, it's the same person.  There are just lots of pictures about his life," I explain.  "That's Moses.  He's parting the waters."  

After several pictures the girl looked at me in awe.  "How do you know everyone's names?"  I smiled.  "Well, these are pictures of Bible stories.  I have read these stories.  That's how I know their names."   

And then the little girl points at a picture of Moses as a baby in the reed basket in the river.  She points not to Moses or to Pharaoh's daughter but to one of the random bystanders who are vaguely mentioned but certainly given no names.  "Who is that?"  She asks.  "Uhhhh...."

My friend told me later that her name was Priscilla.  (Make up names, he insisted.  They'll never know the difference.)

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