Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rom Com Cute Meet

I was sitting in the foyer at church today, waiting for my ride and a nice young woman named Emma who is moving out of Cville on Tuesday was waiting in a chair nearby for her ride.  One of the congregations that we overlap was getting out of sacrament meeting and a tall, handsome young man wearing an orange bow tie (believe me, it was classy) came out of the chapel door, looked at me and smiled, turned and smiled at the young woman and then sat down in the chair nearest her to fill out his tithing slip.

Then, I did not even attempt to stop staring as they had the following conversation.

Handsome boy: Hi, I noticed your bag there.  Do you go to Albemarle High?
Emma: No, I don't.  I mean, I would be going there in the fall but my family is moving to a different city.
Handsome boy: Oh, really?  Did you attend Southerland then?
Emma: Yeah, I did.
Handsome boy: Good school.  Why are you moving?
Emma: My dad's job.
Handsome boy: Too bad.  I went to Albemarle.  Well, at least, I did.  I just finished.  I'm moving soon, too, to North Carolina.
Emma: Really?
Handsome boy: It was so nice to meet you.  What is your name?
Emma: Emma
Handsome boy: My name's Josh.  Well, <standing up> I'll see you around.  Or well, I won't.  But I would, if you were staying.

After he left, I unabashedly spoke up.  "Isn't that how life works?  Two days before you move, you meet a handsome guy who could have been a friend at your school or at church dances."

Emma nodded.

And then I awkwardly continued, "Well, I guess, that's not how my life works.  My life is more like having conversations with that guy over there," as I indicated a different empty chair across from me.  She nodded at me dubiously while I just marveled that a handsome boy had purposely made a point to get to know her.  (She even acted like it was normal to talk to handsome guys)

Cute meet, right?  If life were a rom com, this would not be the last time she sees Josh.  My inner kdrama fangirl sqeees at the possibilities.  (Does this make me the socially awkward side character that you just pretend is not a part of the story?  Because I'd be ok with that, honestly)

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