Sunday, September 28, 2014

She's a Natural?

Conversation with Baby:

Me: I'm going to play the piano.  Any requests?
Baby: Frozen!  Here's the book.  Play Let It Go.
Me: Ok.  Will you sing it?
Baby: No, I'm going to play it.
Sister: You don't know how to play piano.  Let Erin play it.
Baby: NO!  I'm going to play.  Erin can sing it.
<She plays something on the piano and I try to sing along without the words, mind you, because she insists on having the book open to the wrong page>

After we're done:
Baby: Mommy, did I play it nicely?
Sister: Yes, you did.
Baby: Did I play it correctly?
Sister: No.
Baby: That's just because you couldn't hear it.  Erin sang too loudly.