Thursday, February 2, 2012

Secret Societies

Let's talk a little about secret societies

But not this kind.

The kind where it's a secret how you ever got in.

Today I got an email from the National Space Club urging me to get my tickets for the National Space Club Goddard Memorial Dinner before they run out.  I'm not entirely sure what the National Space Club even is.  I'm kind of imagining a bunch of men in tuxes who want to talk about the good ol' days in space exploration all night.

This of course is nothing compared to the fact that I have been on the Women in Aerospace mailing list now for quite some time.  While I am technically a women in aerospace, I'm not entirely sure who else made that connection and put me on the list.

Back to the good ol' boys club: I looked at prices for tickets.  I was a little nervous when I saw the parking prices and floored when I saw that one seat at this fancy dinner costs as much as my monthly rent.  Plus, I have to take into account that I don't even own a tux or its military equivalent.

Maybe they should secretly include people who can afford to be included.

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  1. I actually know a very nice guy who is a member of the National Space Club and has met the stereotypical former astronaut at those dinners. If you ever want me to put you both in touch with each other. You know that if you become an astronaut, he will totally want to meet you, too!