Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some One Loves Me

My English was in ready anticipation for a discussion about the subject of my Valentine's Day thus far.  One student smiled at me, "Have you received any surprises?"  Everyone watched my face, waiting for a good story.

I thought about my busy day and smiled, "By that, you must be referring to a valentine's surprise.  The answer would be no and  I don't anticipate one either.  For that, I would need a valentine."

They all gave me sad little smiles and we moved on.


This afternoon, while working through some computer programs, one of the other PhD students walked into my office with a package for my colleague.  It was not the typical package from something we ordered.

Me: You got a personally addressed package sent to work?
Colleague: It's for both of us actually.
Me: Really?  What is it?
Colleague: H sent us his dissertation
Me: Individual bound copies?  There's one for me?
Colleague: Yes.


I'm such a nerd.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

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