Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Again?

Life just never lets up.

I arrived at work today and noticed some water puddles in our parking lot.  "It rained?"  I idly wondered before hurrying into my lab to get started on the list of thing I needed to do.

Then my coworker walked in, "Do you know if some pipe burst in our lab?"

Me: Wait, what?!
Coworker: The alley near our nitrogen is flooded.

I sprinted downstairs to check on my equipment.

It turns out our water main is leaking.  Now we have workers all over the place, no water in the building and a huge hole in the parking lot.


  1. No water? How do you go to the bathroom? Do you have to walk the 15 miles to the rest of campus? Or do you just go in the woods?

  2. We got water back a few hours later. I think our woods are kind of sketchy.