Friday, November 2, 2012


I got to work late today and found an exciting email waiting for me to this effect.  "Dear lab, these are items we cannot find on our inventory.  Please go find the ones assigned to you and report back to us."

This is one of those exciting scavenger hunts where you walk up and down the halls, talking to one person who directs you to another person who directs you back to another person who just went to take their lunch.  Sadly, most of this equipment is stuff I've never used and never even heard of but I was assigned to these items because the student who originally bought them worked in my lab...25 years ago.

It's like finding a needle in a haystack but you don't even know if the needle is in the haystack to begin with.

To offset the frustration, I recently discovered to my utter delight that my dear William Wei(bird) actually did put out a video for the song I was wondering about the other day, called Someone is Waiting for Me (有人在等我).

The video looks like one of those typical tour music videos.  However, the story, which includes what I assume is real footage of baby Weibird, starts to show itself partway through.  It's quite beautiful especially when you consider the words of the chorus, "Someone is waiting for me.  Someone is thinking of me.  There is someone sitting at the TV but not really watching it while they wait.  Someone is waiting for me.  Someone is missing me.  There is someone keeping watching for me before dawn, the last light in the city."  (Sorry, it's a rough translation.  But you get the idea)

I kind of like the idea that although it's a video about a man who travels all over and performs in front of adoring fans, his thoughts turn repeatedly back to returning home to the person who has always been there for him.

Here's hoping that each of us, whether we are walking on the paths of success or struggling through some hard times, knows that someone loves us and waits for us.  May each of us strive to be that person for those we love as well.

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