Monday, November 26, 2012

NY and Designer Everything

The next few posts will be about my recent trip to New York where I went to help with Sandy cleanup.  It was a good trip and taught me a lot about courage which I will share in a later post.  But first, we will start with some of the things that made me chuckle.

I spent my weekend with a few of the singles from my old ward and we had a lot of fun working together and walking around the city together.  On our first night in Brooklyn, we walked all the way to Central Park in this nice, long, zigzag three hour walk.  We calculated it out later and realized that night, we walked about 10 miles.  Walking through so much of Manhattan, I realized that everyone was dressed up.  We weren't - we were all dressed in jeans and old clothes since our trip wasn't for pleasure.  I felt especially out of place strolling down Park Avenue.

The next day, we had another unexpected encounter with name brands when one of our team members stepped on a nail and had to go to the mobile hospital and get a tetanus shot.
Team Member: The woman who took care of me told me I was wearing expensive socks.
Friend: Huh?  Expensive socks?
Team Member: Yeah.  When she saw my socks, she said, 'Whoa, boy.  Why are you wearing name brand socks?'  I looked at her and asked, 'Are they?'  She answered, 'YES!'
Me: What kind of socks are you wearing?
<He lifts up his pant leg to reveal his socks>
Me: DIOR?!
Team Member: Is that a name brand?
Me: Yes.  Hahahaha.
Team Member: I just picked out a pair from my roommate's drawer.  But the lady was shocked.  'Your socks are $30' she told me.
Me: No kidding.
Team Member: Well, I didn't know so I told her, 'They might be name brand socks but the nail went right through them!'

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