Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life May Not Be Easy But I Know You Can Make It

Dear Ryo-kun (I'm the one writing this blog; I can call you what I want),

You probably thought I forgot about you, huh?  Of course, you wouldn't hold it against me.  After all, we are very different in just about every aspect possible.  And doesn't it seem somehow easier to keep tabs on the flashy Shinji, the professional Honda or the philanthropic Hasebe?  And isn't it true that a person can only keep tabs on so many things at once?

But I didn't forget about you.  "I wonder how Miyaichi is faring," I wondered.  Not well, it seems.  You smashed up your ankle in a game for Wigan.  I was saddened to see the picture of you writhing in pain on field.  (Part of me simply marveled that you always manage to look both cutely adorable and ruggedly handsome at the same time)

However, when I saw the picture of you on the stretcher, I just wanted to cry.  It's been a rough few years, hasn't it?  You signed with Arsenal in 2011 but you've been loaned out each year to a different team: Feyenoord, Bolton and now Wigan and your progress and growth as a player has been stunted with a string of injuries.  I'm sure things seem pretty bleak right now.

So, I did some more searching, kid.  I think you should know that a lot of people are rooting for you.  It seems everyone who watches you play or works with you falls in love with you.  We all want you to succeed.  We all want to see you show the world what you know you're capable of, what we know you're capable of.

Don't give up.  It's a fight but you're strong enough to overcome it.  It's a struggle but you're resilient enough to come off conqueror.

One day, may we both look back at this time and remember: to be tested is to be shown what we're really made of.


P.S. I may be writing to Ryo-kun but the sentiment extends to all of my dear friends who are struggling or feeling tested.  I'm rooting for you.  Please, please, never give up.   You can make it.

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