Thursday, April 18, 2013

There's This Thing

In a rapid turn of events, I found myself in possession of a 3/4 violin case yesterday.  It holds a ukulele.

What?  Why?  How?

My friend somehow convinced me to come to a ukulele meet up with her.  So I went.  We walked in to the room and I met the very nice leader who asked me if I had ever played ukulele before and I answered honestly, "Nope, I've never held a ukulele before in my life."

He gave me a look.  "Have you ever played a stringed instrument, like the guitar?"

I smiled.  "Yes, the guitar."

He smiled.  "Great.  Then the chords on a ukulele are just like the ones on a guitar but on the fifth fret."

I gave him a look.  I knew what he meant, but as a self-taught guitarist, it really did nothing to help me.

Thus started the two hour jam session with people who actually do play the ukulele.  I messed up a lot.  I misplayed the chords about every other chord.  And somehow, in the process, I also managed to sprain my wrist.

However, at the end of it, I looked at my friend and said, "So, where can I get this music book?"  She smiled at me.

"So, this is a thing for you now?"

I smiled back, "Yeah...I guess it's a thing."

And then I went home and a friend stopped by and picked up the ukulele and played it really well and even wrote her own songs.  Some lyrics included, "Erin is going places with her life.  She's going to make a really great wife."

So, yeah, it's a thing.  It's just maybe not MY thing.  But still, I have a month to practice so who knows?

On Monday, a famous ukulele player, Jake Shimabukuro is coming to Cville.  Here he is, playing the Bohemian Rhapsody.

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