Monday, September 16, 2013


<Baby carries a toy downstairs and drops it.  She picks it up and comes over to me>
Baby: My computer just jumped out of my hands!
Me: ?? Where did you learn that phrase?

<at dinner>
Me: Do you have a boyfriend?
Baby: My boyfriend is Nolan.
Me: Really?
Baby: Yep.  I like him.
Me: You're three!  You're too young to have a boyfriend.
Baby: No, I'm not!

<holding her hand and running to catch up with my brother-in-law>
Baby: See, I'm running just like Mommy and Sarah!
<next day>
Baby: Mommy, carry me upstairs.
Sister: Mommy is too tired to carry you.  I ran yesterday.
Baby: I did too!

<Baby very VERY angry with her mom>
Baby: Mommy, you will NOT leave this world!

<in the car>
Baby: Mommy, we both have toes!

<in the car - Baby is playing a game on the phone>
Sister: Baby, this is boring sitting next to you.  I'm going to sit next to Erin.
Baby: No, sit next to me!
Sister: But you're playing a game on my phone.
Baby: <busy playing game>
Sister: And you're not even talking to me.
Baby: <still playing her game> Mommy...

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