Monday, September 16, 2013


<at Sweet Frog>
Me: <singing> Again and again and again.
Sister: Is this song Korean?
Me: Ha!  No!  It's American!
Sister: <unfazed> But what language is it in?
Me: <actually listening to the lyrics> Oh, it's korean

<at the race>
Sister: We need to cross the street to let these cars pass.
Me: <while holding my crying niece, I fall in a hole and trip and fall into the road in front of the line of cars>
<My niece starts crying harder although I had turned so that I took the brunt of the impact>
Runner 1: Are you ok?
Runner 2: That was quite a fall.  Are you hurt?
First-aid biker: Do you need any assistance?
Me: <thoroughly embarrassed> No, I'm fine.  I'm just clumsy.

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