Monday, September 2, 2013

In the Recesses of Clemons

The kid across from me is a Mac user and reminds me of Bolin Chen.  Every so often, our eyes meet and we smile in the mutual agreement of "Yep, studying."  Except that he stops to check out every single girl who walks past him.  And I stop every so often to stare at the children's books nearby and people watch in general.

He packs up his books to leave.  And then as he picks up his backpack to go, I do something uncharacteristic: I look directly at him and smile.  His face breaks into a grin and he bows his head in acknowledgement and even waves and says, "Good bye" before turning to walk away.  And then he returns a few seconds later to push in his chair and we nod again and grin at each other, as though we're both in on some inside joke.

I made a new friend today.  What did you do?

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