Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Half Truths

Sister: For bedtime tonight, I told Baby the story of the first Thanksgiving.
Me: Yeah?
Sister: And then she wanted to hear the story of the second Thanksgiving.  So if she starts mentioning some weird stuff tomorrow about Thanksgiving, you'll know why.  I was making stuff up.

(Apparently the second Thanksgiving included building a house out of bricks so that the big bad wolf would not blow it down.)

<Sister hands Baby a pair of chopsticks>
Baby: Here, Mommy, have one.  I don't need two.

<at dinner>
Me: Itadakimasu!
Baby: Erin, you always say funny words.

Baby: Troth, Troth.
Me: Huh?
Baby: That's what you sound like with your funny words.
Me: Really?  Ok, troth, troth.

Baby: Gwiyomi isn't saying anything that makes sense.
Me: Gwiyomi is just talking Baby talk.  That's what you said when you were a baby too.
Baby: You remember me when I was a baby.  Does Gwiyomi remember me when I was a baby?
Me: Well, umm...she wasn't actually around then.
Baby: Huh?

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