Sunday, November 17, 2013

Marathon Weekend

I can't even remember the last time I took a Saturday off.  My sister ran a marathon in Richmond while I took care of her baby.  We had a lot of fun, as you can tell from these pictures.  

So, it turns out Richmond is an extremely historic city, which I had never realized before.  I mean, I should have realized.  It is the capital of the Confederacy and has had settlers in it since 1611 but for some reason, I never really wanted to explore much of the city until this weekend.  

So, after watching Tangled clips and Frozen clips for an hour and a half, I finally coaxed my niece to leave the hotel to go walk down the street.  I was determined to at least see the White House of the Confederacy which was only five blocks away.  We got one block away before my niece decided she was not walking any more and I had to carry her back to meet up with another sister.  So much for checking out historical buildings.  

Me wearing Baby's sunglasses

Baby wearing her own sunglasses - they were too big for her face

Time for Christmas yet?

Gwiyomi and her momma - taken by Baby

Baby checking out Gwiyomi's book

More of Gwiyomi - taken by Baby

My camera has about forty shots of this - taken by Baby

Gwiyomi and her momma - so cute


My sister and Baby - Baby apparently prefers to be behind the camera

I didn't realize she was taking this picture - taken by Baby

My camera also has about twenty shots of this; I love the feet shot though - taken by Baby

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