Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lessons in Aunthood

I'm watching my niece while my sister is running her first marathon today.

She's three now and quite smart.  Yesterday, during the packet pick-up, I took Baby outside so that she could run around.  What I thought would be an exercise in wearing her out resulted in a full-on workout with Baby goading me on.  "Are you tired yet?  I'm not.  Keep going."  "Now we're going to do a new activity - touch your head, touch your toes, now jump as high as you can."  We did those until she was tired too.  At the end of it, I did enough jumping jacks, lunges, ladder sprints and those bending jumps things that I was sore the rest of the night.

Today, someone thought it was a brilliant idea to buy her a playdough kit to play with during the race.  The playdough is bright pink.  Baby manages immediately after opening it to stick playdough in the one plastic "tool" that came with that was not supposed to have playdough jammed into it.  So, I'm digging out the playdough and then I look up and see Baby smashing this bright pink playdough into the hotel carpet.  "Baby! Oh no!  It's going to make a mess."  She looks at me like I'm crazy and then scrapes the playdough off to reveal a bright pink spot.  I immediately move her over to the tiling in the entrance.

It's going to be a long five hours.

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