Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blizzard Day

I love snow.  It makes me giddy.  Last night, we got 8 inches of it.  (As reported to me by my sister according to the National Weather Service)

Today, it's been hard to concentrate.  Who needs to look for jobs when there's SNOW?  Who needs to eat when there's SNOW? What is this about lesson plans for Saturday?  Hello!  SNOW!

By about 3 pm, despite the fact that I still hadn't ventured out into the lovely white world of wonderful, I was restless.  Part of me has been conditioned to think snow day = free day.  The other part of me was getting increasingly stressed by my lack of productivity.

Then it started snowing again in earnest.  Pretty snow was quickly turning into blizzard snow.  My roommate looked at me, "Are you sure all will be normal by tomorrow?"

In any case, we decided to give into our inner child and go take some pictures before returning to our computers and our work.

I tried to convince my roommate that taking a picture with a person in it would better show the snow.  Don't mind the piles of white stuff behind me.  
Snow angels in the street 
Us in the snow.  
Happy Snow Day!

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