Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spelling it Out

Sister: Baby can write her name now.
Baby: No, I can't.
Sister: But you're definitely getting better at writing those e's and s's.

Baby: I can spell cat.  A-N-N-P-E-P
Me: <hahahaha>
Sister: <not even chuckling> That's too many letters, Baby. 

Friend: So, what you're saying is you want a man who is kind but not too kind, a man who is gentle but has some spunk and a man who is perfect but not a perfectionist?
Me: Well, we can see why I'm not married.

Sister: Baby, don't write your name on my door!  Where does she get this from?
Me: <thinking> At least it's not a rock on your car, like some people I know.

Baby: <finding her old pacifier> Let's give this to Gwiyomi!!
Sister: A paci is not something you share.
Baby: <putting it in her mouth> Mmjphph... <taking it out> How did I ever talk with this in my mouth?
Sister: I have no idea!  But you used to be pretty good at it.

My friend introduced this to me today.  It's a group called Babymetal from Japan who are singing a rock song about preferring chocolate over rock music.  It's ironic and kind of hilarious.  And if it weren't a metal song, I'd think this was Baby's theme song.  

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