Tuesday, March 4, 2014

希望 (Hope)

長谷部誠さん へ、

Life doesn't seem too kind right now, does it, mein lieblinggspieler?  In a test match, you fell and tore the meniscus in your knee.  (I still don't even know what a meniscus is, by the way.)  You braved the first wave of surgery and rehabilitation with courage and confidence.  But then, the pain came back.  Within days, you were back in Japan, back under the knife, and back in a hospital bed.  The road to recovery begins once more.

When all is said and done, I know you'll be fine.  You're a good man who is supported and loved by many people.  You have a good head on your shoulders and optimism and perspective that impress me.

But in the meantime?

If there was one thing that I could offer you across the distance, it would be this: hope.  I wish I could hand it over like a pearl, reflecting its own certain kind of gleaming light.  Then in those moments when you feel a little less than brave, a little less than confident, a little less than optimistic, you could take it out and examine it.  As you hold it, you could absorb some of that light and the perspective of the bright future that awaits you.  I wish hope were that tangible.  So, instead, I write you this post, wishing that, somehow, my faith in you and who you are will burn bright enough to send a little ray in your direction.  Don't give up.  Don't give up on hope.

Life is not easy, nor is the path certain.  But you are strong enough to endure.


P.S. As per usual, this post is not just about Hasebe-san.  To all of my dear loved ones who are facing some difficulties and uncertainties on your respective journeys, please never forget that virtue hope, which helps us face our future as we progress beyond our present.
View from from Ensign Peak

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