Monday, March 24, 2014

We Got This

My roommate and I went to pick up a nightstand from a furniture store today.  We emptied the trunk and hoped that it would fit.

The furniture store men gallantly carried the box to the car and shoved it in one way and then another before realizing that it was wedged.

"It would fit in the back seat," they suggested.  "If you took out the baby's car seat."  We looked at them and the baby in our arms and shook our heads - sorry, that was definitely NOT an option.

Then, as we juggled the baby between us, we went to work.  With some small bungee cords, and a cord from a baby something or other and a bungee net used in the trunk, we managed to rig quite a little get up as the men watched us in some shock and surprise.  "Where there's a will, there's a way, I guess," they conjectured. 

My friend looked at them and smiled, "We're going to figure this out.  You see, we do both have degrees in engineering."  (I beamed in delight as I realized that I did indeed have a degree in engineering.  And then I remembered, I had two!) 

After getting in the car, we high-fived and laughed at our methods but proudly made it home safely.

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