Friday, April 25, 2014

Cousin Love

Saturday evening, Baby is running chaotically around the room, just because.  She runs from one side to another, laughing all the while.  Gwiyomi, sitting in her mom's lap, watches for a few minutes and then it hits her.  I watch her face as the recognition sets in, "I can walk!  I can do that!"  She wriggles out of her mother's embrace and starts following her cousin around the room, shrieking in delight.  I watch them for a while and then get an idea.

I jump up, "Hey, Baby.  I think it's time to teach Gwiyomi 'Ring around the rosey'.  Come help me show her."  Baby obliges and runs over.  She directs Gwiyomi to watch her as we hold hands and rotate around the circle singing, and then fall to the ground, laughing.  Gwiyomi is intrigued.  When we stand up again, we reach out our hands to her and she cautiously walks towards us and joins in.  We walk around the circle and sing.  At the end of the song, I collapse to the ground as Baby gently tugs Gwiyomi down with her.  And then Baby and I collapse onto our backs again, laughing.  Gwiyomi watches us, wide-eyed, and then collapses backwards, cackling.  We laugh even harder.  The game continues a few more times, until Gwiyomi has gotten the hang of it and soon, she's tugging us down to ground before the first line of the song is completed.  Baby looks at me in shock and I just nod at her.  "It's ok.  We'll go along with Gwiyomi.  She's playing with us."  Over and over again, we play, each turn ending in us flopping onto our backs, laughing and then looking up and laughing at Gwiyomi as she collapses onto her back and rolls around on the floor, cackling in delight.
Sunday evening, Baby is playing with her brand-new clip dolls and she graciously gives one to her cousin to play with.  Gwiyomi cautiously holds the doll, watching Baby for indication on how to "play with dolls."  Baby expertly takes the dress off her doll and then reaches over to show Gwiyomi how to do the same.  Armed then, with a doll in one fist and the plastic dress in the other, Gwiyomi watches Baby again, for indication on the rules of this game.  Baby, oblivious of her avid audience, sends her Cinderella doll jumping up and down on the couch.  Gwiyomi takes her Snow White and follows suit, laughing in delight that she's caught on.  When Baby replaces the dress, Gwiyomi takes her doll and dress and holds them out for Baby to help her out too.  Later, in the kitchen, Gwiyomi squeals, holding her arms out to Baby, asking for a hug.  Baby gives it happily, not really noticing as Gwiyomi resists hugs from everyone else (excepting her mom).

Gwiyomi definitely loves her cousin.  Here are some pictures from the weekend.
While in the car, Baby had opened my jacket and pointed at my jersey, "I want to wear this!" So when we got home, I obliged her.  But she wouldn't pose for a picture.  

Cousins watching TV together.  

Gwiyomi at the community Easter egg hunt.  

Picture of Sister's birthday cake, taken by Baby.  

Gwiyomi picking up Easter eggs.  

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