Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wall of Truth

A year ago, when my life was uncertain, when getting data and a PhD were elusive, I started what I called my "Wall of Truth" with lessons I had learned recently that reminded me that God was in my life.  I recently found those old notes and thought I'd put them here rather than just throw them away.  Each note could take an entire blog post to include thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Thus, presenting, the notes that got me through my last year of grad school:

Love : = Unity (3rd and 4th Nephi, August 2012)

God loves the servant as much as those who are served.  The ninety and nine are as precious as the one. (Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd, Japan)

Jesus' whole mission was to teach us about a God of love. (A Life of Jesus by Endo)

Learning to love and to be loved is the greatest lesson to learn in this life.  (August 2012)

Vulnerability (November 2012)

Agency - Be an agent for good (or bad).  You choose.  (December 2012)

The Savior holds the roles as Savior.  We cannot be saved without Him nor does He intend for us to.  (January 2013)

Joy ?= Salvation (February 2013)

The spirit [soul] was created to last for eternity.  (Japan)

Psalm 22 and Psalm 31: A message of love and hope from the cross.

God will get me through tomorrow.  (17 Mar 2103)

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