Friday, April 11, 2014

Team Sarah

Have you ever heard of Veronica Mars?  I hadn't - not really, until a few weeks ago.  It kind of buzzed around facebook opening weekend and then my roommate came home one day, excited that she could watch it Instant video via Amazon.  We sat down and watched it, much to her delight (and her husband's, who made a point to thank me for sparing him the date night at the movie theater, watching "a teenage girl movie").

I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I seriously opened a can of worms.  Intrigued by the witty and compelling story line from the movie, I started reading some reviews about this hit canceled TV series and its comeback as a kickstarter movie.  Did you know that the movie reached its 2 million dollar goal within 10 hours?  (It ended the campaign with 5.7 million.)  

In the past three weeks, I've dived more into Veronica Mars, burning through the first season and more than halfway through the second, as my roommate tries to pull me off Team Piz and squarely onto Team Logan.  (I was almost there until the beginning of season 2). 

I find myself thinking again about that 5.7 million.  What would I be willing to put up to back this show?  It has witty dialogue, compelling storylines and a cast of intriguing and well-developed characters.  (Disclaimer: this show, in spite of its sterling qualities, also holds some content that gives me pause so I maintain mixed feelings about it.)  If I were asked to support this movie (and I had a job) what would I be willing to put up?  What were the backers willing to put up?

I think I assumed the fandom was intense, shelling out serious bills to get this movie off the ground.  But while 5.7 million is no paltry sum of money, it came out of the pockets of 91,585 people, putting the average at $62.26 per person.  $62.26 sounds reasonable.  Not the hundreds or thousands I was expecting. 

Around the same time that I discovered the phenom that is Veronica Mars, my sister, Sarah, started a fund for Wounded Veterans so that she can run for this cause in the upcoming Marine Corps marathon.  My sister's run this race a few times before and although she's run in several different kinds of races, I think this is one her favorites.  (It's definitely one of her most talked about ones.)  It means a lot to her to support and raise money for the armed forces.  When my sister told me about her hope of raising $300, I smiled and secretly thought, "That'll take a day, three days maybe."

But over three weeks later, she's still not there.  So, here's my plug for a sister who is trying to do something small to make a difference.  If you and 91584 of your closest friends all gave a penny, we'd be more than there.  But since I don't actually know 91585 people, perhaps we can try for a dime or a dollar.  I can't guarantee witty dialogue on my part or drama-filled storylines about my life, but this definitely goes to support at least one well-developed character.  Go Team Sarah!

Here is my sister's donation website: Team Sarah

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