Friday, October 17, 2014

Captions Included

The middle of Virginia, as seen from the train

Gwiyomi all ready to go; where to go is the question
 (please note that her bag is coordinated with her outfit)

What can I say?  17 makes everything better - 
even the amazing soda machine at Noodles and Co.

The sweatshirt makers clearly didn't anticipate actually using the hood; 
the shoulders are inches above her actual shoulders..and we couldn't stop giggling

Photo of me, taken by Baby. 
Apparently, I'm sitting on her teddy.  Oops.

Look at this face?  So innocent, right?
I have to say, I love the oreo crumbs and Baby's headband that looks like flowery skiing goggles.  They add a certain touch of je ne sais quoi.

Just wait until I strap her in.  (She demands that you do, actually)
Picture taken by Baby.

With her carseat facing backwards, she's never actually seen anyone drive a car before.  
But somehow she acts like she knows exactly what she's doing.  Sneaky, sneaky.
Also taken by Baby.  

Baby clearly doesn't want my advice..or me taking a picture of her.

This was my view of yesterday, while I lazily checked average temps for Boston in Nov.
I'm in for a climate shock, I just know it. 

Baby's pig spider.  I love it!  

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