Friday, October 10, 2014

Erin, Do You Know Where You're Going?

Baby: My teacher says I'm not supposed to say 'yeah'; I should say 'yes' instead.  Why?
Me: 'Yeah' is informal.  That's what you can say to your friends.  But you should use 'yes' with adults.
Baby: I can use 'yeah' with you then.  You're not a real adult.  

Baby: That's a good hiding place!  I want to hide there next.
Me: But you can't climb up there by yourself.
Baby: Then you can put me there.
Me: Then I'll know where you're hiding.
Baby: You can forget!
Me: In 30 seconds?

Baby: I like the five of us together.
Sister: Five of us?  Only four of us live here right now.
Baby: Oh, I'm counting Riley [the cat] as a person.

Baby: I'm not supposed to say this word at school but my friends like it when I whisper it.
Me: If you're not supposed to say it, then you shouldn't be whispering it either.  What's the word?
Baby: (softly) Belly button.

Baby: Erin, are you going to marry Hase[be]?
Me: No.
Baby: Why not?
Me: Uh, because he doesn't like me.
Baby: If he doesn't like us, then we don't want him!

Baby: Here is one of my mommy's books!
Me: It's a good book too - Little Women.
Baby: Read it to me.
<after two pages>
Me: Are you bored?
Baby: Yep.

 This is Baby's favorite song to listen to when I'm in the car with her:
Twinkle by TTS (SNSD)

And this is Baby with makeup like Merida, complete with freckles:

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