Saturday, October 25, 2014

In Which We Went to the Mountains without STORES

or Baby's Day as Related By Her Aunt (In Supposed Baby's Own Words) (authors note: Quoting as much from our conversation today as possible)

I woke up exhausted, you know, like bored.  My dreams were about some princess that got married to some guy but I didn't know her name and since I was with my daddy and I couldn't ask her,  I woke up because then I could go play.  But Mommy told me it was too early so I went downstairs and turned on the lights and turned on the fan and then went back upstairs with my dolls to play with Grandma.  Then she got tired so I woke up Mommy and Erin and then we skyped with Aunt Lanie from N-O-R-W-A-Y.

Mommy dressed me in my Ever After Dress and I ate pumpkin bread for breakfast and then we left to go to the mountains.  It took forever to get there!  We were gone so long that I got homesick for home and wanted to go back.  It must have been the longest day ever though because it was still light when we got to the mountains and they told me that we couldn't go back for a long time.

We stopped to eat lunch and I absolutely insisted we go to the Public House.  In the restaurant, I played with Raven and her new friends, the talking fork and the Malt vinegar bottle named Eric.  Then I tried to give Raven curly hair and it got all twisted and Erin said I had made a really big knot and that we'd have to cut her hair!  NO!  So I apologized and Mommy and Erin worked on fixing it.  Erin said a miracle happened because Raven's hair is perfect now.

After lunch, we drove up to a mountain.  It was really bright and sunny and there was this really boring rock that Mommy and Erin insisted we take pictures at.  They suggested we go on a short hike but that was boring.  Where were the stores? Wasn't there a Target anywhere?  Mommy told me that we were in the mountains to enjoy nature and God's creations.  We went on a hike and I was the best hiker.  We hiked the trail two times!  At the end of the second hike, we saw a real wedding!  A man and a woman were getting married on the mountain!  I stopped and watched the whole thing.  They even kissed!

We went back to the town and saw a man walking his dog on the street!  On the street!  He should have carried his dog across the street.  Mommy and Erin told me to stop talking so loudly about the man walking his dog and that dogs are allowed to walk on the street.  We stopped for ice cream and I had pumpkin and chocolate chips.  Then I got full and ate some of Mommy's chocolate ice cream.

I fell asleep when we drove back and when I woke up it was dark and we were back close to home.

Baby watching the wedding - so intent and yet so respectful

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