Thursday, December 2, 2010

Joy to the World

Dear Man at Kroger,

It took you a second to realize that the attendant wasn't demanding to see your receipt but was simply giving you your receipt as you frantically searched through your purchases while he held out his hand.  (My roommate was slightly confused too) But once you did figure it out, you excitedly exclaimed, "Oh Thank you!  But where did you get it?"  The attendant indicated his attendant station.  Again, you exclaimed, "But how?"  The attendant was smiling by this time, "Well, your station is out of paper so it printed to mine instead."  The joy in your voice was as unmistakable as it was remarkable.  You reminded us all how wonderful a thing it is to have someone show kindness no matter how small.  Thank you for making my night.


Dear Self,

First it was Mis-matched by Lensey Namioka.

Next it was The Good Women of China by Xinran.

Now you're onto The Secrets of Mariko by Elisabeth Bumiller.

The books are as enlightening as they are well written.  They raise questions for you about race and relationships, about culture and identity, about heartache and healing.  Grateful, you are realizing truly how blessed you have been.  Thoughtful, you are wondering how many other stories out there are ones that will touch you so.  Hopeful , you are yet wishing, that somehow, you can be a part of the great work: helping humankind.


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