Monday, December 6, 2010

告白 (Confession)

Dear 日本代表,

When I first chose you, it was simply because I like things to come in 3's. (1) US (my home team), (2) Republic of Korea  (how can you not cheer for Hanguk with Super Junior backing it?) But who would I choose for No.3?  Taiwan and China didn't have teams and I wasn't sure how Chosun even got into the competition... So that just left you.

And so, anxious to jump on the cheering bus, I watched a few games.  And this is what I saw...

Image from
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Image from TorontoSun

And these pictures don't do it quite justice.  A million little things impressed me.  The time Keisuke could have taken a shot and instead lobbed it to his teammate who made the goal.  The time Keisuke talked Endo through the PK.  The time that Hasebe went down injured and I knew it was real.  The time that the Paraguayan gave a few words on encouragement to Komano who was upset for missing his shot and Nagatomo(?) thanked him for being considerate of his teammate.  The press conference two days after leaving the World Cup where you all laughed so hard as though defeat didn't exist.

I think I'm in love.  

Love, Me

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  1. Tulio's out with a knee injury. And Ina's out after being in the team for 3 World Cups. Sad day.

    Final list comes up December 28 for AFC 2011. Crossing my fingers for Hasebe.