Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good Idea/Bad Idea (in Marketing)

Good Idea: 
Yesterday: My sister tells me that she needs to go shopping at H&M in preparation to go to Uganda.
Yesterday: I was watching a popup mv by Wongfu Productions and they stated that their clothes came from H&M.
Today: Hase posts a blog about Christmas shopping for his niece and nephew at H&M.

What is with H&M?  And now I'm wondering, is this a sign that I need something from H&M?  Even if it's simply to figure out why three separate people in different parts of the world (well, really Western Hemisphere) all make a point to shop at H&M.  If this is a marketing ploy, I think it might just work.

As is this,
Suddenly I feel the need to buy the tie.  I don't wear ties nor do I know anyone who would actually want to own a Samurai Blue tie (besides the 18 men shown here - and others associated with them)  

Bad Idea: 
Two weeks ago: I walked into an outdoors sporting shop interested in buying a pair of stylish but practical boots for my upcoming trip to Germany.  The shoes are all kept in the back so you need a sales attendant to help you. Everyone ignored me.
Last Saturday: I went back to the same shop because there were some boots I had seen that I really wanted to try on.  Again, I was completely ignored.

I had three theories:
(1) I looked like a poor student who couldn't afford anything in the store
(2) I didn't look rugged outdoorsy enough for them to bother with me.
(3) I looked like I was outdoorsy enough that I could figure out what I needed/wanted and so didn't need close supervision

So I went home and asked my roommate who is more outdoorsy than me and has a whole family of hiking, mountain climbing, biking and backpacking brothers.  She told me it was reason number 2.  Apparently unless you look like you think sleeping on a glacier is the best way you can think of spend your weekend, they offer no help.

But if you look like you think sleeping on a glacier is the ideal way to spend a weekend, don't you already own half the store anyway?  Or work there?

To make this bad idea into a completely neutral idea, please just let me try on your boots in peace.  I don't mind being ignored but at least leave the boxes out in public space so people who at least think that hiking a mountain or through snow in Germany a reason to find something more durable than the high heeled fashions available elsewhere.

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