Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kindred Spirits the World Over

Dear World,

Running down O-Hill on Friday, I was so thrilled to be out in the cold and to see the hot air balloon in the air and that it was Friday that I just cheered as I jumped and ran down the hill.  And then, I looked up and saw some man walking the opposite direction as me.  He had been watching me dance and cheer to myself and now he was laughing at me and then with me as called out some encouraging comment.

Driving to the Christmas Devotional on Sunday, I pulled up to a light as I pushed back my hair out of my face.  In the process I glanced over and realized that the car next to me thought the gesture was a wave and smiled before catching his mistake.  So I gave him a large encouraging smile before becoming self-conscious myself when he nodded back.

On Tuesday, Kato blew a tire.  It was frustrating to have a flat while trying to get to the temple but within minutes, a kind man stopped to help.  And then when he realized we didn't have all we needed, Lindsey and I settled into the tall prairie grass to eat the rest of our lunch and wait in the breezy cold weather to wait for AAA. And despite the cold, it was glorious.  Until another kind man with a big smile stopped and pulled out his tools to help us out.

Yesterday when I was trying to find a way to get to rehearsal, unconsciously asking myself how I was going to figure out where to do, I wondered why the Chinese man gave me a big grin as he held the door open for me.  It was only an hour later that I realized I had been mumbling aloud to myself in Chinese.

It seems at those moments when I am my most awkward self that I find friends and people who understand and reach out.

You dear, dear thing!



  1. My favorite is that you got excited about seeing a hot air balloon. Classic.

  2. Hot air balloons and doughnuts are my weaknesses in life. If it had been a hot air balloon dropping doughnuts I wouldn't have even been embarrassed into normalcy.