Friday, January 21, 2011

Different = Doughnuts(?) = Delicious

Dear Self,

I know that you think you fit right in; I mean all people have a secret weakness for doughnuts, right?
Surely, most people make a beeline for the bakery section of the grocery store to see if any good doughnuts are available.

Lots of people poke through the Krispy Kreme boxes just hoping that they'll have a box of the Signature Doughnuts that indicate the chocolate covered custard filled (Boston Cremes)...maybe?
Many post pictures of them eating or thinking about doughnuts on almost every trip they take....don't they?
JiLong, Taiwan
Boston, MA, USA
Koln, Deutschland  
Nope?  It's just you?

Well, who said being different was a bad thing?


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