Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Things We Never Outgrow

Dear Hasebe,

You probably made the cutest little soccer player when you were younger.  I can just see you with your little 3 feet tall self in tiny little clothes and cleats and socks that continue to want to sag down to your ankles.  Your parents probably loved watching you as you ran with the rest of the pack of kids around the field and cheered every time you kicked it.
Makoto at 11

And just like your little adorable self, you would grip your hand in a fist from concentrating.  But not in a normal fist with your thumb outside of your fingers.  Instead, with your fingers gripped tightly around your thumb.

Later, your parents will break you of that habit and tell you, "Putting your hand in a fist like that will break your thumb."

And you'll realize they are right and you'll STOP...
Exhibit A: Normal fist grip

 EXCEPT for when you are concentrating really hard as you kick a ball.
Exhibit B: Mako-chan fist grip
And again
Are you starting to see the pattern?
Has someone ever told him of this?

It's nice to see that some little part of you will always be six years old.



  1. I like that last picture the best. What is that guy in red and blue doing?

  2. I should make a post of really weird soccer pictures. There are some HILARIOUS ones out there.