Monday, January 17, 2011


Dear Self,

You've had your share of fun on Google translate's account.  From Chinese articles on the likes of Jay Chou, 五月天, 等等 to Kpop Suju-ness and enough Lees and Kims to confuse even the best of us and on to Japanese soccer with its all too necessary connection to German Bundesliga.

You had it just so that every time you did a search on something Google wouldn't know what language  to pull up and then wasn't even sure what language was being shown at the time.  And you just laughed, "Haha.  Google has NO idea what language I speak."

But don't you think the tables have turned now?

Because last week,

You passed two men smoking outside of the grocery store and you were pretty much positive they were speaking German until you realized that no, they were speaking English in a Southern drawl no less.

And not thirty seconds later you passed another couple talking outside a cooking store discussing whether or not they wanted to go in an look in what you were pretty certain was Korean, except again, it wasn't.

Until now, you pass people and hear conversations and your brain, Google translate confusion-like, doesn't know which language you're trying to hone into.  Because apparently the same sounds can be translated into a multitude of tongues.

Of course, your brain's confusion isn't limited to languages alone.  With the time change you're always keeping track of the different places: Taiwan (EST + 13), Korea and Japan (EST + 14), Germany (EST + 6), Qatar (EST + 8) and now Uganda (EST + 8).

So it was only a matter of time before you got so confused that you missed something ... like the Japanese soccer game.  While looking for predictions of how the game would go, you found instead reports on how the game had already been won.

Joke's on you.  Must you continue so to confuse yourself?





  1. Hahahah. I feel the same way. The more I struggle to learn other languages the less I remember my own

  2. Did you get the reference to BOF? ??