Monday, August 29, 2011

Smokey the Bear Wants You

Hands down, this is my favorite Mary Tyler Moore Show episode.  Rhoda meets a great guy who seems to be absolutely everything she wants in a man, both personality and social and economic standing in the world.  Until...

Rhoda: "He's a forest freak, that's what."
Mary: "Just because he asked you to go on a hike?"
Rhoda: "No,  he just gave up a vice-presidency of a big company to go back to college to study to become...get this!  A Forest Ranger!"
Mary: "A forest ranger?  uh...why?"
Rhoda: "He has some stupid idea about being happy."

The episode interestingly addresses the concept of choosing careers and even second careers, our hopes versus our realities:

Mary: "Murray, have you ever thought about it?  If you could do something different with your life, you know, anything at all, what would you do?"
Murray: "Oh, I'd do a lot of things. I'd climb some of the world's great peaks. I'd build a little kind of raft and sail it to Tahiti.  Wallpaper my rec room."
Mary: "How about you, Mr. Grant?"
Mr Grant: "Me?  I'm happy just doing what I'm doing.  I'm happy running this newsroom and...I'm happy telling people that this conversation just doesn't interest me."
Ted: "Oh, well, wait a minute.  Don't I get a chance?"
Mary: "Sure, Ted.  What would you do?"
Ted: "You mean, if I could be anything that I wanted to be?"
Mary: "Right, anything!"
Ted: "I'd be Cary Grant."
Murray: "That's a person!  We are talking about a way of life."
Ted: "I don't understand."
Murray: "What else is new...Now look, Ted.  Just forget about a specific person.  Now, what would you like to do if you dropped out?"
Ted: "You mean, if I couldn't be Cary Grant?"
Murray: "Right."
Ted: "I don't know.  I haven't given it much thought.... I guess I'd be a king!"

Recently, I found a similar question asked of my dear Shinee boys:
MC: What would you be if you were not in Shinee?  (I'll put them in the order in the photo so you know who is who)
Onew: Lawyer
Taemin: EMT
Jonghyun: Teacher
Minho: Fireman
Key: Ke$ha

(I knew there was a reason Key was always my favorite)

But joking aside, I've been in a lot of conversations with people who are trying to figure out their lives.  They've spent some amount of time (even years) walking down a certain path and find themselves hitting a wall.  After trying to break down that wall again and again in hopes of changing themselves for the path, they start to vaguely wonder if maybe that wall is there because it's not the right path rather than that they aren't the right person yet.  But it's a struggle to know what is best, what is right.

Thoughts?  Advice?

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