Sunday, December 18, 2011

Things to do in the middle of Virginia

One of my friends (not so) recently moved to Lincoln, Nebraska.  She puts up blog posts about things to do there.  I decided to copy this post after that.

You can travel around the world and back:

1.  Wear a Yukata.  (Sorry, there were two robes but only one obi)

 2.  Visit Foamhenge.  Yes, this little place is about as fabulous and random as it sounds.  Some artist decided to construct a Stonehenge replica entirely made of styrofoam.

Playing with the shadows


My sister's 'zen' picture

3. Take pictures next to an elephant statue (outside a zoo that was closed for the winter)

4.  Visit a bookstore.  One of the best ways to travel around the world and back is to get into a good book. In the middle of Virginia, there is a book fair that comes a few times a year with thousands and thousands of books on sale for extremely cheap.  I avoided buying everything I wanted/saw.

And because I miss this little one, this is what Baby currently chooses to do with my nice pens.

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