Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vanity Fair

I was recently watching a TV show where a girl who doesn't know much about makeup and skin care walks into her makeup-wearing and fashion-conscious roommate's room, looking for some sort of cream to put on her face in an effort to look nice for a boy who is coming over to go on a walk with her.

She looks at the roommate's vanity and examines all of the many bottles of creams and cleansers and moisturizers and picks up one of them and applies the cream to her face.  She is just finishing rubbing it into her skin, happily patting her cheeks with some satisfaction in herself when her roommate walks in and catches her:

"Did you just put on my foot cream?"

The girl's happy bubble of 'being girly' bursts and she looks at the roommate in shock.

Events transpire and the girl's best guy friend happens to come over.  He is blunt as well.  "Your face is so shiny."

The girl pats her cheeks sadly, "It's foot cream.  Long story."

That's kind of how I feel when it comes to makeup and skincare.  I feel like I'm just playing some sort of pretend and that someone soon is going to walk in and catch my bluff...

Even knowing that I don't actually own any foot cream.

I just found this song today. It incorporates French musician Martin Solveig and the Japan group Idoling. It's hilarious AND addictive.

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