Monday, January 2, 2012


I am extremely bad at playing board and card games.  One Thanksgiving, I spent the entire time addicted to playing Mexican Train dominoes with my family.  I didn't improve as the weekend went on - I simply lost by a larger amount.

However, one time, three years ago, I actually won a card game.  It was a fabulous night where we played over cinnamon rolls and hot cider while listening to U2's concert that was playing from the stadium a mile or two away through our open window.

Two days later, I came down with swine flu.

Last week, on my roommate's birthday, she wanted to play card games.  I fought it with the argument that I always lose and I'm too competitive to be able to handle losing.  But since it was my roommate's birthday, I relented.

I played.  I won.

Now, I'm sick with the flu.


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  1. coincidence, i think not. i love you, and i hope you feel better soon!