Monday, January 23, 2012


Words have power.

It's a power that should give me the freedom to express myself.  Instead, I feel a force that presses down on me, threatening to crush me under its weight.

No matter what I say or what I mean, there is always someone there to misunderstand it.

No matter how I try to understand and love the world around me, my words mark me as a close-minded individual.

I continually try to learn languages in hopes of gaining some newer, better way to use words.  But the more I study and the more I learn, the more I realize that words are inadequate.  And yet words, somehow, in their inadequacy, have power to change everything around me, with no way of calling it back.

Tomorrow, I may get up and be excited to teach my English class.  Tomorrow, I may be excited to try to write my resume.  Tomorrow, maybe I'll get the courage to say the things I mean to say and have them understood in the way I hope them to be understood.

But today...

Today, I hate words.


  1. Erin! Is everything alright? I hope nothing too terrible happened.