Friday, January 6, 2012

Your Words are Like Honey

I found this news clip yesterday while looking through the normal slew of Korean pop culture stuff.  (Good luck getting through this)

The Stars That Overseas Viewers [Outside of South Korea] Wish to Go on a Date With

If I had to pick a few of my favorite lines...

"Celebrities seem unreachable - like distant stars that are far out of reach."  Isn't it against the rules to define a word using the word?  

"His kindness and gentle qualities that's shown on the variety program 'We Got Married' melted away the viewers' hearts and he emerged as one of the most popular male stars."  Melted away the viewers' hearts?  Does that even make sense?  Being number 1 on the music charts in Taiwan for over a year didn't help?

"But what people love about him even more is his eccentric personality that makes it seem like he's living in a completely different world."  Is that a nice way to say, 'he's weird'?

"You'll have to spend hours and hours preparing for your date to look more beautiful than him."  Are you saying I'm not pretty enough?

"We are sure that his bright smile has made countless women faint and collapse to the ground."  I'd like to see the statistics on that one.

"He may not be the most handsome or the sexiest guy in the world..." Is this a real compliment or a back-handed one?  

"He's also a true romantic who would probably write a beautiful song for the leading lady in his life."  Probably is the operative word.  And do you really want that anyway?  One of his last hits was entitled Heartbreaker.  

"His deep mesmerizing eyes make him look like the hero of a romantic comic book."  His greatest aspiration in life, I'm sure.  

"Even the Mokpo dialect would sound charming if he were the one who spoke it."  Another complisult?  

Props to the girl who voiced this news clip.  She deserves an award of some sort for getting through that without laughing.

And now that you know what this is about, go back and watch the whole thing and laugh your head off.

You're welcome.  Have a nice day.

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