Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dawn Chorus

I tried really hard to sleep in today.  When the dawn chorus started in (I'm not entirely sure how Sendai even has a dawn chorus since there are only a few birds) I forced myself to keep my eyes closed and tried to fall back asleep.  I waited for as long as I could stand it before I allowed myself to get out of bed - at a staggering 4:45 am.

It's kind of nice to hear a city wake up.  When my body finally adjusts to the time zone, I think I'll miss these long mornings.
The view from my balcony.
Despite what it make look like, I kind of really love it.  


  1. more pictures please? I'm so glad you are living your dream Erin!

  2. The fact that you have a balcony... who cares what the view is! That's fun though. I'm excited for you! And excited to visit and see this all for myself.