Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Every time I turn on the TV, I see this man:
He was actually pretty easy to recognize for me because one of my friends is a SMAP fangirl (the music group/comedy group that he is a part of).  And he's a pretty good actor.  I've seen a few of his dramas and one of them still stands as my favorite Japanese drama.  (Bara no nai hanaya in case any of you are looking for a good one - it's a tearjerker though)  

This man is in variety shows, in commercials about beer, banks, etc.  He just seems to show up in everything.  It makes me wonder almost what his day-to-day schedule looks like.  Does he ever sleep?  or live a normal life?  I wonder.  

So, tonight after eating gyutan (cow tongue), I flipped on the TV, realized that nothing worth watching was on and then thought, "I'm ready to turn off the TV now.  I've only been watching for maybe a minute.  I usually see Katori-san but there is no way I'm going to see him tonight."  

While thinking this, a new commercial comes on about a bank and I start laughing because sure enough, there is Katori-san with his bandmates.  

Here is the commercial:

This is what I think the tagline is, "Don't worry - the Sprint bars won't hurt us; they are on our side."  

Now, just watch this every day and you'll understand the exciting life I lead.  

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