Friday, July 27, 2012

The World is Upside Down

The world used to look like this:

And now it kind of looks a lot like this:
Source: Google Maps, Sendai
Sure, I can find where I am on a map but it looks radically different on the ground.  And then trying to place everything in it's proper relation to where I am can prove to be a challenge too.

It seems I had gotten so used to the fact that I was constantly calculating ahead that now I struggle to calculate back.

This week, I missed Pioneer Day completely.  Not that I usually make it a point to celebrate it but since the talks at church on Sunday were about pioneers (my neighbor told me) I figured it was only fair to remember it.  Too bad I got the date wrong by two whole days which is three in American time.  No wait, I mean, that's only one day in American time?

And then today, one of the kids in the lab pulled up a Samurai Blue game from the Olympics and I was very confused.  It turns out their opening game was yesterday...and we won...against Spain.  And I missed it entirely.

Don't even ask me when the Olympic opening ceremonies are.  I know they are Friday.  But today is Friday and I don't think that this is the day.  Does that mean they are tomorrow?

Hoping to learn my ups from my downs soon.  In the meantime, to those whose birthdays and holidays and victories I am entirely missing, I apologize.

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