Thursday, October 11, 2012

Something about Ryo

He's young.  So young that he had to get special permission to be given a work permit to play in the UK.  

He's fast.  So fast that you just gape at the videos of him sprinting past defenders on the soccer field.  

He's pretty.  So pretty that when he and Shinji Kagawa attended a soccer game together, one of the commentators noted, "Ah, there's Shinji Kagawa and his wife."  
(I have to admit, I can see why people got confused)  

Turns out, he's also a bit of a surprise.  

Apparently, a few weeks ago, for initiation into a new team that he was loaned out to, he sang We Will Rock You so well that everyone demanded that he sing it twice and now play it before every single home game despite the fact that Ryo did not even know the correct lyrics.    
I hope he continues to surprise as Japan NT takes on France tomorrow and Brazil on Tuesday.  

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