Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gulliver's Travels

I'm back.

Nothing has changed.  Well, except now I'm homeless.

I almost wonder if I dreamed up the past three months.

...Except that I have stuff from Japan.

...And cravings for food I never ate in the US.

...And new vocabulary floats around in my head and comes out at inopportune moments.

...And these funny pictures on my phone.
On the walls near the construction area in Omachi.
 Tokyo Tower
 It only takes one, or so they say.
 On the way to Funaoka Station (Kakuda, Miyagi)
2 PM
 This was the last meal I made in my apartment - I just used up every ingredient in my fridge so that I could clean it out and defrost it.  It was amazing!!! 
 Me and Maki (I never actually called him that but everyone else did) He's absolutely awesome.
 Everything in Japan is uber polite so I was surprised by the sarcastic tone of this ad about train courtesy
 Hello Kitty bouquets!  I'm impressed that the Japanese can take something that is already pretty and cute (flowers) and make it even cuter
I liked this for the Makoto sign and then realized how unique it was to have the old style buildings on either side of it
Me in a yukata
I guess I didn't make it up after all?

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