Saturday, September 29, 2012

VA: Homecoming Edition

I wasn't really verbally awkward in Japan because I wasn't verbal.  Coming home has reminded me that not much has really changed.

While at the airport:
Man: Your ticket?
Me: <hands it to him>
Man: Thank you.  Here you go. 
Me: <thinking to my jet lagged self, "Say 'thank you' as I reach for the ticket>
Me: Arigatou gozaimash...
<I stop mid-sentence with my hand half on my ticket, and stare at the man in shock while my mind panics, "That's not English!  How do I fix this?"
Me: shita.
<I take off running> 

At the restaurant:
We're leaving and a girl trips on the stairs as she goes up them and I'm coming down them. 
Me: <thinking to myself, "Daijoubudesuka?  Not English.  Don't even try it!">
Realizing that I was not going to do well verbally, I went for non-verbal communication.  
I bowed. 
The girl gave me a weird but amused look and walked past me. 
Kat: What was that?!
Me:  The first thing that came to mind was Japanese so I did the next thing that came to mind.  I bowed. 
Kat: Hahhahahaha.

At lunch:
Food worker, calling out my order: Erin?
Me: Hai!...Iiiii.  <My desperate attempt to make it into a Hello> "Yes, that's me."

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