Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yesterday in English class, we talked about dreams and goals.  There were only four people in the conversation but it was impressive to realize how very different we all are. 

One of the students - Sam - wants to be a semi-professional tennis player.  He currently is a tennis coach and enjoys it but he still dreams of playing well enough to be professional. 

I was impressed.  One, because I am horrible at tennis.  Two, because I have been learning this summer a lot about the lessons one learns from sports (practice, practice, practice) and wishing that I had learned them. 

Me: I am so impressed.  I think tennis is just amazing.  On Sunday, I watched Kunieda-san win the gold in the Paralympics.  He was so impressive. 
Sam-san: Kunieda-san is amazing!  He's the best male single's tennis player. 
Me: Yes, I know! <I stop to explain who this guy is to the other two people in the room>
Sam-san: You know, I've played against him before. 
Me: WHAT?!
Sam-san: Yes, he was born in Sendai, you know.  So he comes back every so often and I've played against him three times.
Me: Are you kidding me?  I'm one degree away from Kunieda-san?  <I practically had to fight grabbing Sam-san in a huge bear hug>
Sam-san: Yes, I will let you know when he comes back to Sendai and you can go watch him.
Me: Yes, please!!!
Sam-san: He has one of the best swings; it's better than lots of other professionals.  One time, I asked him, 'Kunieda-san, how do you swing like that?' And he said, 'I swing my racket down.' 
Me: Hahahah.  That's like asking Bolt how he runs so fast and him saying, 'I just run.'
Sam-san: Hahahaha.  Yeah.  His response was not very enlightening.  He is such an amazing player.  I had no idea you liked him so much. 
Me: Well, I didn't either, before Sunday. 

I'm still in shock.  Kunieda-san!! I know someone who knows him personally and has played tennis with him!!!

Fangirling.  Yep. 

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